If you have questions, recommendations, tips etc. about Starseed Hub or if you want any further explanation of the tools we share here, feel free to contact me.

I can be reached by email through: info at

I am also available for a one on one talk through Facebook and or Skype if you feel you want to chat and or talk more in depth with somebody about your starseed experiences and explorations.

In my experience it can really help just to share your experience with somebody who is open to this stuff and I love to talk about this subject, listen to people their experiences and share exchange insights in this unfoldment. 🙂

Feel free to befriend and/or chat with my through facebook.
I live in Oslo, Norway with timezone UTC +1

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  1. Im a starseed who needs help Ive emailed other websites and they havn’t responded back. Im 17 and realized I was going through an awake ning 2 weeks ago. I have been confused on what to do, now that I know. I have these questions I need to talk to some personally but everyone have a price. My human family cant afford any of it. Do you know where I can get help from anyone, or the ET council or can you be of any assistance? Please get back at me ASAP. I get more and more depressed everyday.

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