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The goal of Starseed Hub is to assist people in (further) connecting to their star family. And to provide a network for starseeds on planet earth to connect with each other.

Artwork by Esther Torres –

A starseed, in our definition, is a person who is in the process of awakening or who has awakened to it’s cosmic consciousness and connections. These connections can be extraterrestrial, interdimensional and/or multidimensional.

A hub is a (common) connection point. 🙂

For those who are new to the starseed phenomenon and who want to get a thorough introduction into the starseed subject we warmly refer you to the three fairy godmothers of earthbound starseeds; Dolores Cannon, Mary Rodwell and Barbara Lamb.

Ha’ah-me – I see in you myself, and love both.

In the process of connecting to our star families and grounding that cosmic energy here on earth, it can be fun and useful to connect to other people that are going through a similar process. Sharing our experiences and learning from each other can increase everybody’s learning curve, and make the journey more enjoyable.

Here are some useful platforms and networks to connect to other starseeds:

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then transform all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” ~ Lao Tzu

-) – Share and discuss multi-dimensional experiences, is a great place where people can share their own experiences, and read about other people’s multidimensional adventures.

-) There is a StarSeed Hub facebook group where people can ask questions, talk about their experiences and share information. A great place to snoop around a bit and get to know some other starseeds around the globe through the power of the internetz! We also have a StarSeed Hub facebook page that people can follow where we share related information.

-) We are in the process of creating a global map where people can put themselves on if they want to so they can connect with other starseeds in their local area. When this is done we will share the link here. That map might also get integrated in this website.

-) Also feel free to contact us if you want to know more about one of the tools we share here or if you want to talk with somebody one on one about this subject.

A starseed, in our definition, is a person who is in the process of awakening or who has awakened to it’s cosmic consciousness and connections. These connections can be extraterrestrial, interdimensional and/or multidimensional.

More and more people are expanding their consciousness and many have started tapping into cosmic awareness levels. We share some practical tools on this website to assist people with further expanding and integrating their cosmic awareness here on planet earth.

If the tools we provide resonate with people then that is great, if it doesn’t then we are sure people will find the reflections / permissions slips that do resonate with them somewhere else.

The tools we share here are given in three dovetailing sections:
-) Inner Peace / Transforming Fear
-) Outer Joy / Follow your Excitement
-) Multidimensionality / Know Yourself

Artwork: Vashta Narada’s Galactic Art –

And once more, for those who want to get a thorough introduction into the starseed subject we kindly refer you to the three fairy godmothers of earthbound starseeds; Dolores Cannon, Mary Rodwell and Barbara Lamb.

And for people who want to get more of an introduction into the UFO and ET phenomenon first we recommend having a look at this compilation of the best ET and UFO evidence.

20 thoughts on “ET phone Home

  1. Everybody is a “starseed”. All humans have had lives parallel, past, future, whatever label you like, in other worlds. All humans have higher-selves and naturally reach into higher realms.

    The differentiating factor is that some people become aware of the aspects of themselves that exist in other realities and begin pulling insight and information from those constructs. Their cosmic consciousness is essentially open and being exercised.

    This label, “starseed”, is useful in that it hints at cosmic awareness and can comfort and encourage people who are experiencing this part of their psyche to open up. This starseed label can hinder personal evolution if it becomes an exclusive club.

    Also, people who never connect with themselves in a cosmic light can still live very spiritual lives, perhaps even more spiritual than some who are aware of the cosmic element of spirituality.

    Tekst from Gigi Young

    • Great to hear!
      We hope people find Starseed Hub informative and helpful. 🙂

      And we invite everybody to participate on the site and the Starseed Hub facebook group. And, if it resonates, feel free to share articles from Starseed Hub with others through email, social media, your own networks, etc. so we can reach and connect with more people that might have an interest in this subject. 🙂

  2. Please – What and where is the planet in the top cover photo? I have astrally travelled there twice, but not in years. I tried to look at my guide, again, when I was told not to. I caught glimpses and it was a changeling (a disguise?) light gray seraphim to dark gray daemon like being. We flew out of the galaxy then into a wormhole or portal. The guide was very reluctant to take me, but was “instructed” to show me. Communication was telepathic. Thank you for any information. Having a tough time currently, hoping to find my bearings again soon. This is more than an interest, it is an instinctive drive since childhood to understand my soul mission here. The Internet has been so important to connect with others and feel less adrift. Namaste.

    • I don’t know what or where that planet is, maybe the artist who created it knows more. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out who the artist of the image is so far. But maybe you might have more luck!

      Sounds like a very interesting experience. I recognize the instinctive drive. It has been the same for me. I have been interested in it as long as I can remember. I did some self regression and that really helped me to connect to my multidimensional parts including some star family. You could give that a try as well, maybe it can be of some service.

      I also did a QHHT session that confirmed that I have been having ET contact since a very young age. 😀

  3. Each one of us , spiritual beings on this mother earth , are alive to human experiences. We are embodiments of Divinity —Sath ( Truth ) , Chit
    ( Consciouness ) and Ananda ( Bliss ) !!! Yes, we are ” Starseeds ” ! Let us all awaken ourselves individually every moment , till we realize our goals individually. But since we are in society , let us move from ‘ I ‘ to ‘ We ‘ to ‘ HE ‘ .

  4. PLEASE join all of use STARSEEDS ON EARTH in a mass meditation on
    11-11 at 11:00 a.m. to send out LOVE and LIGHT to the world.

    LOVE ALL OF YOU Thank you.

  5. iam hopeing to get some help understanding my strange sleep power I travel to orther dementions all the time. wears me out I have spelling difficulties so bear with me im 53 years old now and have bean visited by well they look like use. but have better teckno they seem to love me but put me trough hell sometimes training for war it seems to be whats happening. I have no choice in this I traveling all the time wears me out feel pain in orther dementions to. even try to use little gadgettes to I have seen fire every think we have hear some have to even better. I have bean on my own dealing with this id love some help think im a starseed. I don’t know how to exsplane my powers people and animals get freaked out looking at me upsets me . putting my hands trough walls and flying kinds of things I do and much more. think I have bean to orther planets and seen strange life there these so could people who visit me. have told me they have bean visiting me for 20 years seems a lot longer to me hope to hear from you thanks Richard

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