5 step cycle of creation; How our thoughts influence our reality

Finding inner peace begins with understanding how our thoughts influence our physical reality. In the picture below the 5 steps of creation and how they are connected to each other is explained.

I learned about the 5 step cycle of creation through a Dutch collegue, Pieter Stuurman who has his own blog on: http://pieterstuurman.blogspot.nl/

It begins with our thoughts. Depending on what we think we feel a certain emotion, that emotion gives rise to a certain action and the actions we take shape our version of physical reality. Because that physical reality is in part based on our beginning thought, it will reflect and therefore confirm the original thought. This completes the cycle.

Many people will base their thoughts on what their physical reality looks like and so the cycle goes round and round and round.

To illustrate this cycle some examples.

Thought: People are bad, people cannot be trusted.
Emotion: Fear for other people.
Action: Treating other people with suspicion. Arming yourself against other people.
Reality: A world where people don’t trust each other. War, people killing each other.
Conformation: You see. People are bad they kill each other. They cannot be trusted.

But it also works with positive thoughts.

Thought: I am a good cook.
Emotion: Feeling joyful about cooking.
Action: Cooking (a lot) since it makes you happy.
Reality: Serving good tasting meals because you practice a lot.
Conformation: You see. I am a good cook, people enjoy the meals I serve them.

If we want to create a different reality, we first need to change our thoughts that helped shape that reality.

Now generally there is nothing wrong with a physical reality we like. And so there is also nothing wrong with the thoughts that are behind it that have helped create it. So if that cycle repeats itself there is no problem there.

However if we see a reality we do not prefer, then to change it, we need to go back to the thought(s) that lie behind it that helped shape it. Once we can change the thoughts that lie behind that reality we do not prefer, then we can start changing that reality by changing our consciousness about it. However if we keep basing our thoughts on that reality we do not prefer then we won’t be able to change it. We will just keep repeating the same cycle over and over and over again.

This 5 step cycle of creation shows that negative thoughts, beliefs and belief systems will create realities we do not prefer. And to be able to transform the realities we do not prefer we need to learn to transform our negative thoughts, beliefs and belief systems that have created them.

The next tool will show us exactly how we can do that. It will teach people how they can investigate, turn around and transform their bad feeling thoughts, beliefs and belief systems. 

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