Self Regression; Explore your multidimensional nature in a safe, easy and free way

There are many, many good and interesting ways to explore your multidimensionality.

We can connect to our simultaneous parallel incarnations also known as SPI’s with self regression. It shows the experiencer their multidimensional nature.

One of the easiest, safest and cheapest (it’s totally free) ways is self-regression. One can simply start a video on YouTube and listen to it from the comfort of their own living room for about 40 minutes. You can witness for yourself what does or doesn’t happen while doing such a regression.

The worst case scenario is that you get a great rest for 40 minutes. In the best case scenario you will have gained full personal experiential knowledge of your own multidimensional existence.

If people are a bit hesitant about the safety of self regression have a look a this short explanation where Mira Kelley explains very clearly that is it totally safe. In addition you can simply have a look at the shared video’s here first without participating in them yourself. By doing that you can get a good idea of what it all entails. Once you have a clear picture of the whole process you can then decide if you want to start from the beginning and participate yourself.

First a regression session by Brian Weiss who is an expert in the field of regression and has been so for several decades.

If you like to have this meditation in MP3, you can convert the YouTube to MP3 here.

In addition to Brian Weiss his regression video we share another regression session you can do at home by Mira Kelley.

Mira is the author of the best selling book: Beyond Past Lives: What Parallel Realities Can Teach Us about Relationships, Healing, and Transformation. She also has a great YouTube channel where she discusses this subject extensively.

Consciousness can experience itself through additional lives then the one people are identified with the most in the current here and now. Awareness of these cross connections can remind somebody of their own multidimensionality.

In this video she explains the subject shortly and in the second half she does a regression session with the audience that you can join from your own living room.

So for all of those who are curious about exploring their own multidimensional aspects. Sit back, relax and do some self regression! (The regression part starts after 20 min.)

If you like to have this meditation in MP3, you can convert the YouTube to MP3 here.

From personal experience I can say that it is worth trying these sessions a number of times if you don’t have any profound experiences the first time. Sometimes I would ‘fall asleep’ during the session and would ‘wake up’ at the end of it without really remembering anything. I felt very rested though.

Other times I really connected during one of these sessions to a simultaneous parallel incarnation, some on this planet and some off planet. 😀

Happy exploring! Feel free to ask questions and share your experiences in the comments.

All That Is. The All together form the One, and the One expresses itself through the All.


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