List of YouTube sources about cosmic consiousness

In my own journey I have connected to many different sources that were inspirational to me. Since people are different some sources appeal more to one person than another. Therefore we created this list where people can have a look through what is available and then pick out what resonates for them.

Interview programs that focus on cosmic consciousness and connections

-) Alfred Lambremont Webre
-) Buddha at the Gaspump
-) Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
-) Consious TV
-) Csetiweb – Witness Testimonies on Disclosure
-) Higher Journeys with Alexa Brooks
-) Interview with E.D. (Extra Dimensionals)
-) Karen Swain
-) Lilou Mace
-) Matthew Belair
-) New Realities
-) Rick William
-) Science and Non Duality
-) The Awake and Empowered Expo
-) The Moore Show
-) Ufo Hub
-) Wisdom from North

Channels of individuals that bring through cosmic consciousness and connections

-) Abraham Hicks Publications – Esther and Jerry Hicks
-) Ambassador Ehani
-) Ariyana channeling – Matthew Morehead
-) Bashar Communication – Darryl Anka
-) Bentinho Massaro
-) Brad Johnson – Adronis
-) Bridged Nielsen – Hybrid Children
-) Channeling Erik – Elisa and Erik Medhus
-) Daniel Scranton
-) Darshana Patel – Enlight’nUp
-) Deéte
-) Design4awareness  – Wieteke Koolhof channeling Arjun of the YahYel
-) Edgar Cayce – the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)
-) Gabe Salomon
-) Gigi Young
-) Higher Frequencies – Wendy Kennedy
-) Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) – Ralph Smart
-) Jamie Butler – The Everyday Medium
-) Jonathan C Martin
-) Judy Carroll & Helene Kaye – The Zeta Message
-) Koi Fresco
-) Kryon – Lee Carroll
-) Louise Kay – Channeling Aikon
-) Mark Passio
-) Mira Kelley
-) Mooji
-) Odyssey of Ascension – Roxanne Swainhart
-) Pamela Aaralyn
-) Paul Selig
-) Seth Speaks – Jane Roberts
-) Sirius Disclosure – Witness Testimony
-) Teal Swan
-) The Official ET Whisperer Channel – Rob Gauthier
-) The Law of One – The Ra Material
-) True Divine Nature – Matt Kahn
-) Victor Oddo
-) Wyrd channelings

If you have tips to add to this list. Please send the youtube channel you are thinking of to – info at – and we will have a look at it and might add it to the list. 😀

1 thought on “List of YouTube sources about cosmic consiousness”

  1. Pleiadian Proffessor (Barbara Marciniac)

    Alex collier Andromedans

    TheyFlyTV (Billy Meier)

    Aetherius society

    Sheldan Nidle Consciousness and Coming Changes: There Are No Rules: All is Flow – May 9, 2017

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