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The goal of Starseed Hub is to provide knowledge and a network to starseeds on planet earth and beyond. 🙂 So that we may connect to our star families in the cosmos and to each other here on earth.

A starseed is a person who is in the process of awakening or who has awakened to it’s cosmic connections. These connections can be both extraterrestrial and interdimensional / multidimensional.

A hub is a common connection point. 🙂

More and more people are expanding their consciousness and reaching into the cosmic level. We provide practical tools to assist people to expand into their cosmic connections and to integrate that level of consciousness here on planet earth.

Next to connecting to our star families it can also be fun and helpfull to connect to other people on earth that are going through a similar proces. Therefore we provide tools for starseeds on earth to connect to each other as well.


Three fairy godmothers who give a great introduction into Starseeds

The earthbound starseed family has at least three fairy godmothers. All of these ladies have provided great information about and for starseeds. We recommend everybody interested in these matters to look, listen and learn from them. They provide a very profound and thorough introduction into the Starseed phenomenon.


Dolores Cannon

The first starseed fairy godmother is Dolores Cannon, she has written a great book called The Three Waves of Volunteers. In the video she shortly explains about how there has been an influx of three waves of volunteering starseeds from the 1950’s up to this day. In this YouTube she explains how there are many starseeds and that it would really help them if they knew of the existence of each other.

Dolores has written many other interesting books during her lifetime related to this subject as well. Have a look at all her books with short video commentaries from herself on the books section on her website. Or click on the picture below to have a look at the books on Amazon with various reader reviews. 


Mary Rodwell

Next is Mary Rodwell, she is a therapist and has over the past decades collected over 1600 cases of people that have awakened to the cosmic aspects of their consiousness. She has helped many of them deal with their experiences and assisted them integrating their newly gained cosmic awareness. Here is a great lecture of Mary Rodwell on what she calls The New Humans:

Mary Rodwell has a lot of other interesting lectures online and she has also written two great books on the subject that can help any starseed understand their own process better. Click on the picture below to have a look at the books on Amazon with various reader reviews. 


Barbara Lamb

Third is Barbara Lamb. She has also been a therapist for several decades and has collected her knowledge on Starseeds in some great presentations. In this one she shows a lot of the encounters the people she helps have had with all kinds of different starbeings.

Barbara has more great lectures and interviews online as well.

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